Malas created from the heart, with the highest intentions for your well-being, healing, and sense of Self.

Risa has always been highly intuitive and sensitive to energy, so working with stones came naturally to her. She is able to feel the magic in each stone and easily tune into the energetic qualities and healing properties of the stones, giving her the opportunity to create pieces that are powerful, calming and grounding. The idea of making jewelry for others to experience that magic is breathtaking. Risa creates her malas from the heart, with the highest intentions for your well-being, healing, and sense of Self. They are blessed with Reiki, charged by the moon and ready to find their place in your heart and on your path.

When Risa was looking for a new place to sell her products, she needed to refresh her website in order to reach a broader audience. She doesn’t know how to design a website, nor how to sell products online. So she looked around and found Reece Bowen. However, she did not have any idea on what design of her website would be, so Reece came up with a couple of different designs that would be best suited for her shop. After days of refinements and feedback, she took a final decision and let Reece handle the rest.


  • Design Layout
  • Functionality
  • Interactive

Project Outcome

Easy Transition

Before then, the website was running on a portfolio-based web client. It wasn’t modern nor up-to-date on the latest web technologies. Fortunately, it was an easy transition – there was an existing list of items that were waiting to be updated. And so, everything was brought over to the new website and redesigned only the necessary things to keep things balanced and nice to look at.

Amazing Results

In the end, Risa has no regrets. Reece Bowen was able to design and develop a completely new website made for her to sell her products. With a state of the art and easy-to-read layout, customers will have no problem browsing for products and choosing the ones they want.

“I have been wanting to create a website for years. The truth is, the task seemed insurmountable to me. I am so grateful to have found Reece Bowen. He is easy to work with, incredibly talented and did an amazing job! I love my new website. Reece was able to create exactly what I wanted: the look, the feel, and the functionality. I highly recommend working with Reece Bowen if you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating your own website.”

Risa Ross-AlbertsonERYT-500, Shop Owner