“I have a basic need to create. My art teaches and heals me. I want to share my journey.”

Gloria Cassidy was born and raised in Southern California and currently lives in Santa Clarita. She has always been creative but in 2017, she decided to pursue life as an artist.

As a member of the Santa Clarita Artists Association, known as the SCAA, they have provided Gloria with a venue to show her work at several of their gallery shows. Her drawing, Essence, won 2nd place in dry medium category at the SCAA Art Classic in September of 2018. Her other piece, Hidden, received a merit award.

When Gloria was looking to find a place to show her work, she realized that she doesn’t have a website. In the age of the internet, she needed to make an online presence in order to fully express herself as an artist. That is when she thought of Reece Bowen, a past client and good friend. She asked Reece if it would be possible to make an online portfolio for her.

Reece came up with various demos that he believed would suit her website. Months and months of designing and feedback. In the end, Reece created a magnificent portfolio that is nice to look at and is very interactive.


  • Design Layout
  • Functionality
  • Interactive

Project Outcome

Built From Scratch

Gloria had no website yet, not even an online presence. Well, except for Instagram. However, she needed more than just that. Based on her personal sense of style and artistry, I was able to create an online portfolio that she always wanted.

Amazing Results

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